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The process of invention is complex, heuristic in nature and prone to significant project delays; and as a result, is expensive, exposed to cost overruns and many projects are left incomplete.   Experience plays a huge role in designing research programs that are cohesive and that yield measurable results in terms of cost per patents, licensing revenue and litigation costs containment.

Our company utilizes various proprietary risk minimization methods, all based on our experience as program managers of multi-million dollar research projects.  We also maintain a global network of partnering research facilities that contribute laboratory and computational resources on cost recovery basis, thus minimizing the need for large up front capital investments.  This network of facilities is supplemented and made more accessible through the personal relationships of the experts of our Global Research and Management Consulting Network

Specifically we offer:

Pre-Proposal Support Services

Goal and Tasks Definition

Cost Estimates and Negotiation

Staffing Requirements

Critical Paths Analysis

Publications and Patent Analysis

Contracts and Legal Constraints Analysis

Proposal Preparation Services

RFP Preparation and Project Specification

Conceptual Designs

Modeling, Simulation and Numerical Validation

Technical Literature and Patents Survey

Market Intelligence

Consultants Engagements

Technical Proposal Preparation and Writing

Post-proposals Debriefings

Research Project Execution Services

Project Planning and Management

Oversight and Protection of Intellectual Property Assets

Facilities Identification and Contracting

Key Personnel Identification and Recruitment

Project Execution and Reporting

Timeline and Budget Monitoring

Literature and Patents Surveying

Competitive Product and Market Intelligence

Reports and Presentations Preparations/ Delivery

Public and Conference Presentations

Strategic Partners Identification and Deal Negotiation

Project Closing and Post Completion Follow-Up

Research Products Marketing and Fund Raising Support

Conferences, Publications and Public Speaking

Tradeshows Displays and Event Presentation

Angel, Venture Capital and Strategic Partners Engagement

Due Diligence and Fund Raising Support.

Deal Closing Negotiation

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