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Patenting Services

The 1990’s saw a dramatic increase in intellectual property protection activities. Filings around the world are increasing at the fastest rate ever.  The expansion of WTO / WIPO has resulted in IP Protection having a global reach.  Litigation has risen dramatically, and legislation has been slow to evolve.  The size of the awards and the emergence of Patent Portfolio Exploitation Companies and pure play IP Licensing Engineering Companies has resulted in large companies facing burdening lawsuits sometimes filed by very small companies.  This kind of litigation is often settled out of court.

The emergence of new Alternative Energy technologies, the development of the Smart Grid and the need to open new growth markets for IT technologies is resulting in a clear and present danger never confronted by the Public Utilities before.

We offer services designed to strengthen the internal IP positions of Public Utilities and Energy Generation Companies.

Specifically we offer:

Training and Coaching of In-House Engineers

Case by Case Patent Development and Preparation

IP Portfolio Structuring including One-Way and Cross Licensing Support

Business Model Analysis and Patent Strategy Development

Patent Threat Analysis

Expert Services in Support of Litigation

Patent and Litigation Costs Analysis

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