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Management Consulting

Management of New Technologies, New Product or New Services  Development Management and New Venture Creation and Management are skills hard to master, where even the most experienced professionals face unexpected challenges and where heuristic, intuition and past operating experience play a very critical role.

The challenge of adopting new technologies is always captured in the Risk vs Reward Paradigm, a guiding principle full of unknowns and uncertainties, that has motivated humankind throughout history to achieve the impossible.

Our company prides itself in practicing agile Risk Reduction Planning Processes, a methodology that one of our founders pioneered.

Our consulting services are designed to support our clients for efficient and profitable adoption of emerging alternative energy and smart grid technologies.

Specifically, we offer services in support of:

Strategic Management Consulting

New Technologies Adoption

Business Model Discovery and Analysis

M&A Target Scouting

Early and Medium Stage Investments

Due Diligence

Fund Raising

Deal Valuation

Intellectual Property Portfolio

Executive Talent Searches

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